How/Can multiple NIS domains

How/Can multiple NIS domains

Post by R. J. Aulet » Mon, 21 Sep 1992 04:25:12

     Is it possible to have a machine belong to two NIS domains?
   We have NIS masters for domain X and domain Y. Would like
   have accounts for both X and Y active on some machine N.

   I have the impression that this is fundamentally  contrary to
   how NIS.

   -Rich Auletta


1. Multiple NIS domains served from one NIS Master server?

I am trying to find documentation on how to setup a NIS Master server
that acts as the master server for multiple NIS Domains.  I am not
sure if this is even possible in linux.  We have setup this
environment in HP-UX in the past.  However the ypinit command on HP-UX
allows you to specify the NIS domain if you do not want to use the
domain specified by the domainname command.

I want to setup an environment that has one NIS Master server that I
can administer all of my NIS domains from.  I would then create a NIS
domain for each customer I support and create NIS slave servers on a
few of their servers.  Each domain will have seperate NIS files. So a
seperate password, group, alias, etc...

I was able to create one NIS domain master server, however I have no
idea how I would add more NIS domains to that server.

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