InterNic e-mail?

InterNic e-mail?

Post by Kevin A. Smi » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 03:08:08

Can someone mail me the address from which
to request address space/domain names?

thanks in advance


InterNic e-mail?

Post by Mike O'Conno » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 05:49:27

:Can someone mail me the address from which
:to request address space/domain names?

I suggest taking a look at,, or to find the appropriate forms for requesting address
space and domain names.  They'll instruct you where to email.


 InterNIC WHOIS: MJO        (WWW homepage)

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1. Internic doesn't respond to my e-mail app!

Hello all.

I have a problem sending in domain name applications to
Internic.  I have talked with them about it and all they say
is "we get mail from everyone else, so its your problem".
And it probably is.  However, I also send and receive
mail daily to dozens of sites, with no problem.  My mail

successful.  As far as my system is concerned, all went ok.

This has been a persistant problem that only shows itself
by the fact that I never get Internic's automated response
with the ticket number.  I have the latest template from
Internic, and my reverse address is published.  Once, a
few weeks ago, it worked, and I got the reply.  But only
once now, and nothing has changed in my system.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong?

Thank you
Dann Daggett

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