chat scripts questions..

chat scripts questions..

Post by Hien Q. Nguye » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00


This is how my /etc/uucp/Systems file looks:

poly Any ACU 38400 2604480 Username: myusername\n Password: mypassword\n
ast> ppp\n

and here is the process of loggin in using a terminal session.
tip hardwire
(the modem dials and connects) then I got...
(I would have to hit enter a few times to get to the next step...)

I don't know how set it up for asppp chat script.  Please help.


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1. chat script question

My ISP has a prompt (after password verification)
At this prompt I have to enter    ppp /compress /routing negotiate
in order to start ppp session using dynamic IP and routing.
Could some one help me with the chat script here?
More presice: I do not know how to fit
ppp /compress /routing negotiate
into one "send" string in the chat script.
Thank you for help. Ihor.

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