top-3.3beta for MP machines running Solaris 2.3???

top-3.3beta for MP machines running Solaris 2.3???

Post by Andreas Sinderma » Mon, 18 Jul 1994 11:42:33


Has anyone written a module for SunOS 5.x multiprocessor machines
for the system monitoring program top-3.3beta?

I have seen that there is a m_sunos4mp.c module so I'd like to know
if somewhere in the world is also something like a m_sunos5mp.c



1. EMACS 19.17 on MP Solaris 2.3 machine

Hi everybody,

we just upgraded to our department server to a 690 MP machine (dual SM100)
and I am running Emacs 19.15 on it. But whenever it runs, the load average
jumps to >2 and mpstat shows 100% busy on both CPUs. Is that normal? The
emacs was compiled on a Solaris 2.2 single processor machine. I am
somewhat suprised at this. Maybe I am misinterpreting what the output
says. I have little experience with MP machines. The response time by
the way does seem to be degraded.



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