Help with 12 PPP lines on SCO 3.0 ODT

Help with 12 PPP lines on SCO 3.0 ODT

Post by James Legget » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

SCO claims four PPP lines are supported. However
essentialy as many PPP connections as you want can be configured
per the SCO CD database.

Problem: The document only shows how to increase no.
of lines for slip I need to increase the number of max PPP lines


1. PPP 12 lines SCO 3.0

I need help configuring PPP on SCO 3.0 for 12 lines.
Is this the only file that will require changes?
should I change this statment from 4 to 12?
   #define MAX_CONN_PER_PROV 4

and is there any other parameters to configure?

Thanks J.L.

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