moving print job among print queues?

moving print job among print queues?

Post by bernard chandle » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

 lpmove    Moves requests that were queued by lp(1) between LP
           destinations.  This command can be used only when lpsched is
           not running.

           The first form of the command moves the named requests to
           the LP destination, dest.  requests are request ids as
           returned by lp(1).  The second form moves all requests for
           destination dest1 to destination dest2.  As a side effect,
           lp(1) rejects requests for dest1.

           Note that lpmove never checks the acceptance status (see
           accept(1M)) for the new destination when moving requests.

> Hi
> Is  there any command can move print job among different print queues?

> Thank a lot.

> Kevin Chen.


1. moving jobs between print queues?

We have printers in 2 different buildinga and a separate print queue
for each (4bsd).  When one of the printers goes down, is there a
clean, convenient way to move all the jobs in its queue to the other
printer's queue?

The obvious way is to use a shell script that
        1) disables spooling and stops printing on both queues
        2) mv's all the [cd]fA* files and the .seq file from the
           downed printer's spool dir to the other spool dir
        3) enables spooling and printing on the up printer
This might screw up printer accounting, but our Imagen software doesn't
do accounting for ethernetted printers anyway.

Any better solutions?

Mike Khaw

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