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Post by joe » Sun, 15 May 1994 01:06:23

Is there something to allow me to extract information from a mail
file based upon the from line and re-direct it to a file automatically.
The intention is to extract uuencoded files from the mail and store
I was testing some things and as I find more information I'll update you.  
them based upon the sender.
So far while testing I've noticed that the mail comes in from the cc-mail
without the line:

X-Lines: N  where N is the number of lines contained in the message body.

I saved a mail file containing 5 messages and then read using vi. The
X-Lines: line was not present.  Then I loaded it into mailtool and the
line containing X-Lines was present.  I originally thought that the X-Lines
line was a product of sendmail, however this leads me to believe it comes
from the mail reader.  Now I'm thinking that I could run the file through
some type of filter and based upon the X-Lines number extract the needed
data that way.  The number contained in the X-Lines could be used as part
of an awk statement.

Any help would be appreciated