Wanted: Opinions on Unix/NT

Wanted: Opinions on Unix/NT

Post by Mark Wilkins » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 18:11:32

Hello everybody in comp.sys.misc, comp.unix.misc, comp.unix.admin and

What I am looking for is any/every bodies views on the good and bad points
of Unix and NT. So if you have an opinion or just want to throw in a comment
on why you prefer one system to another, please send E-Mail me at the
following address :-


        Thanks in advance

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1. NT or NeXTSTEP : facts & opinions wanted

    Jay>     As a soon to be graduating CompSci student, who will
    Jay> be developing interactive games for mostly Intel Computers, I
    Jay> was wondering today: What would be best for developing games
    Jay> under, NT or NeXT?

    Jay> I need stability and robustness (Win95 loses out), as well as
    Jay> fairly close 32bit dos compatibility. (I don't know if NT
    Jay> does this - I think NeXT can with SoftPC).  Of course id
    Jay> Software use NeXT almost exclusively, but the OS does not
    Jay> make the game - I don't wanna jump on their bandwagon.  Then
    Jay> again NT offers greater compatiblity for Windows
    Jay> developement, something which will be vital for the future
    Jay> software market.(Sucks, but its true). What do you people
    Jay> think?

What kind of runtime requirements do you have?  If you're homebrewing
most of the software and you don't benefit from the NEXTSTEP runtime
environment, you might want to consider Linux.  We used to do all our
development under NEXTSTEP, but we (ARDI, makers of Executor, a
Macintosh emulator) don't really need the NEXTSTEP runtime environment
so we moved to Linux for our development because we could then update
our FSF based development tools easier.

We do our core development under Linux and have separate build
configurations for NEXTSTEP and DOS.  The DOS version is
cross-compiled using gcc/DJGPP.

On the other hand, I think Id uses NEXTSTEP so much because it's
*really great* for doing rapid protyping.  So if there are aspects of
your development where you want to get things running real quickly you
might want to use NEXTSTEP even if you're not planning on eventually
using the NEXTSTEP runtime.

We haven't yet done a native port to Windows '95, but Cygnus is
working on some tools that should allow us to do that and still use
Linux for development.  I've added comp.os.linux.advocacy because I'm
sure people will be more knowledgeable over there.

Feel free to check out our software http://www.ardi.com.


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