dump on one 8mm tape drive not readable by another 8mm drive ?

dump on one 8mm tape drive not readable by another 8mm drive ?

Post by Donald Campbe » Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:30:27

Quote:> Hi:
> We are running Solaris 2.3

> I have two questions:

> 1.  I use ufsdump to backup file systems on an external tape drive (it's a
> Contemporary *netics 8mm drive). I have another external drive
> (by Unison Information Systems, also 8mm). I use ufsdump as:

> ufsdump 0ufbsd /dev/rmt/0cbn 126 6000 54000  <disk-device>

> After doing a backup on one drive, and putting tape in the other drive,
> ufsrestore shows the header and epoch info. but then says:

> can't find dump file

> Does the drive matter ? why ? How do we know what drives are compatible.

> 2. After restoring a file system or directories from the tape, I notice
> that the sizes of directories are smaller then the original sizes
> in the file systems i.e. instead of usual 512 they show diff. values
> like 37, 38 etc. Why is it so ? Is it of any concern ?

> Any pointers ?
> Thanks

> Atiq Hashmi.

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