logging dial up users off automatically

logging dial up users off automatically

Post by James Ian McGow » Fri, 04 Mar 1994 04:19:32

Could anyone share a method for timing out processes whose owner has
disconnected.  The machine in an HP-9000 9.04, and no, there are no
modem control signals, so CLOCAL and other preferred methods don't seem
to work.  There's an entry in the modem(7) man pages to do with
MTNOACTIVITY which seems to be what I want.  If anyone could help
me find a clue, I (and my users) would be most grateful...


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Hi! Netters!!

I am just wondering if any one of you have a script (or a program) that
will automatically log users off (say, after logging on for 2 hours).  I
thought about tout, but it is a voluntary process, thus can be defeated
by changing the .login file or simply a kill command.  I am looking for a
program that can be run via a cron job that will zap all users who have
been on after a certain period of time.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Nathan Yin

(408) 924-5106

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