5G Exabyte drives with non-Exabyte tapes

5G Exabyte drives with non-Exabyte tapes

Post by Ian Farquh » Sat, 29 Aug 1992 10:52:08

We've recently taken delivery of a 5G Exabyte tape, and I was hoping for
some battle stories from anyone else who had used them, particularly
with non-Exatapes.

We've been using the old 2.3G drives for some time, and have had no major
problems using the standard Sony 8mm tapes (which cost us in the region of
$12, compared to about $40 for an Exatape.)  However with the 5G drives I
am somewhat wary of the Sony tapes.  Has anyone got any opinions or had
any experience using non-Exatapes in the 5G drives?

Thanks.  Email me, and I will post a summary to the net.

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