Sendmail 8.8.1 on solaris 2.5

Sendmail 8.8.1 on solaris 2.5

Post by Miguel Sarmien » Fri, 27 Sep 1996 04:00:00


We just got a new sparc 20. We install the OS Solaris 2.5. Got the latest
version of senmmail and compile it. It did, sendmail works we generated a cf
file and things were peachy.

Well we have a sparc 5 running Solris 2.3 (which will be upgraded), it uses a
hash databse to do some mapping of names, we would like to use the 2.5 machine
in this fashion. Well we copied  makemap of the sparc 5, created the hash
database added the corresponding K switch on the cf and guess what, sendmail
says "no class hash available" .

This scheme works on the 2.3 machine (running sendmail 8.6) Am I missing
something here? DO I need to compile makemap on the 2.5 and create the
database that  way (I don't think this is a makemap problem)?  

Is there any lib associated with the db that we want missing? Anyone that came
across this problem and found a solution please post or send me and e-mail.

Take care,



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