Wanted: info on Sun SCSI and CD drives & Sun 4/110

Wanted: info on Sun SCSI and CD drives & Sun 4/110

Post by Tigger *bounc » Tue, 12 Apr 1994 06:11:09

I have a Sun lunchbox case with twin-fans, 50-pin SCSI and a dual
drive inside: a 270 meg hard drive and a 60 meg quarter-inch tape
drive. I cannot afford to replace this at the moment, but could
someone give me rough estimates on the following:

1) how much is the whole lunchbox worth? It is in very good condition,
low mileage. It has SunOS 4.1.3, X11R5, Emacs 19.22, etc., on the
drive, with sources on tape for all of the GNU stuff.

2) I would like to replace it with a SunCD, SunOS 4.1.3 on CD and
a larger hard drive (400 MB). If I were to buy all of these used, with
both the CD and the hard drive in external exclosures with 50-pin SCSI
connectors, how much would this cost? I do not need a double-speed CD
and cannot use SCSI-2 devices.

3) I have been told that only the newest PROMs for the Sun 4/110 allow
the system to boot from a CD. Where can I get them and for how much?
Alternatively, I suppose I could boot the system from the old hard
drive, install from the Sun CD to the new drive and then boot from the
new drive in the future, but that is kind of risky, because once I
have sold the old drive I will not be able to reinstall the system
after crashes. Is it possible to install from a CD without booting
from it?

Thanks for all your help,


1. Weird SCSI problem on Sun4/110 (Re: Solaris 2.4 traps on Sun 4/110)

Hi again,

I have big problems installing Solaris 2.4 on a Sun4/110. I finally
got only a 1Gb Fujitsu 2694ESA and a Sun CD-ROM drive connected to the

After hours of booting Solaris 2.4 from the CD-ROM and crashing at
different stages, I now come to the conclusion that this must be some
sort of weird SCSI problem. (BTW: The Sun 4/110 SCSI controller is
titled as weird in the SunOS 4.1.2 GENERIC config file as well -
what's so weird about it?)


I come differently far in the installation procedure. Amazingly I came
most far when the terminator was removed!! I already tried to change
cables, change the order of the devices but.... no luck.

Anyone any idea what I could try next or what is so weird (as said
in the SunOS 4.1.2 GENERIC config file) about the Sun 4/110 SCSI
controller. After hours of booting I can definately confirm that ;-)

Thanks -- Tom


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