Killing a process in "uninterruptible sleep"

Killing a process in "uninterruptible sleep"

Post by RHS Linux Use » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00

A segmentation fault occured while trying to mount a Mac (HFS) formatted Zip
disk on a PC running linux 2.0.33. Even though it did not successfully mount,
I tried to umount it before removing the disk. The umount process hung and ps
shows the status of the process is "uninterruptible sleep".  

Now I can't do a soft reboot because reboot seems to want all processes killed
and even kill -9 as root will not kill the umount process. How can I recover
from this situation so that I can reboot gracefully? Or better yet, how do I
return to a normal situation where I can eject the disk? As it stands there is
no way to manually remove the Zip disk and the software method eject does not
seem to work either. (This is why I am trying to reboot) If I am forced to
power-down abruptly I will probably have to run fsck manually --- something
I'd prefer not having to do.

Any suggestions?