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Wanted for a big US telco based in Amsterdam the Netherlands working in a
team of 6 unix specialists and ICT architects, 4 senior system managers
and 1 to 2 junior system managers.

must haves: team spirit, enthousiasm for ICT, willing and eager to learn ICT, open minded towards new technology, problemsolver with a " get the job done" attitude. Move to holland and live around
amsterdam (max driving distance 1 hour). Occasional travel is required. Good english communication skills.

seniors must have: good proven unix knowledge (HP or Sun; HP is prefered as most people have solaris knowledge).  An advantage is: good programming skills in ksh/java/html/xml/sql; database
knowledge (DBA level); datawarehousing; datanetwork (lan/wan); NIS; SMTP; system management
tools (backup and recovery; SANS;RAID5; MIRRORING), cisco routers and terminal servers.
All other telecom's tools and techniques will be taught.

Junior system managers must be enthousiastic and like to work in IT and see a clear future for themselves in the ICT branche. People who will be doing first line of support, solving user problems and ticket handling. A basic computer science training is advantegeous. Everything else will be taught.

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    Wanted for a big US telco based in Amsterdam the Netherlands working in


    MCI-WORLDCOM. This is NOT done!



1. JOB WANTED: Junior Unix System Administrator


I am currently looking for work as a Junior Unix System Administrator.
This will be my big break into the Unix system administration
profession. My main exposure to Unix and IP networking has been working
as a Level 2 Tech Support Representative for a major ISP in Northern
California, and over a year's system administration on my Linux
Slackware box at home. I am a VERY FAST learner, and very eager to be
trained to administer any Unix platform.

My resume is at http://zerogee.value.net. If my Linux box is not up,
please go to http://www.wenet.net/~bchoi/resume.html.

I prefer to work in California, but I am very much willing to relocate
anywhere in the U.S., and various parts of the U.K. and Australia.

I really don't have a starting salary requirement, although $28k a year
as a start would be nice. Right now, I am much more anxious to learn and
master Unix system administration than looking for a lot of money.

If you don't have a job offer, but some career advice, I would be glad
to have that, too.

Thank you!

Brendan Choi

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