Mac - Unix integration through SUN Partner

Mac - Unix integration through SUN Partner

Post by Wolter Janse » Tue, 20 Jul 1993 16:06:45

Hello there, does anyone run sun os 4.1.3 with sun partner and has
problems with printing with Mac classic connected with nuvolink on the

1. can a Mac share a drive with a Sun/Unix?

+ Hello,
+ We use PC-NFS on our PC's to get them to share filespace with
+ our Sun Sparc20. I was wondering if there was a way to get a
+ Macintosh to do this. Right now, the Mac people in our office have
+ to FTP files to us, whereas the PC people can place them on
+ the "E:" drive, which is essentially the /tmp directory on the
+ Unix box.
+ Thanks!
+ -Scott Yanoff

Look into CAP or netatalk. Netatalk is supposed to be better.
You can get the source from
Netatalk's home page address is

hope it helps,


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