keyboard setup?

keyboard setup?

Post by Ady » Thu, 04 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I've recently purchased a Tadpole sparcbook (3000XT) using Solaris 2.6 and
everything is great - so far.

However there seems to be an error with the keyboard setup;  The first is
the pipe command (|).  The key to the left of the 'z' key in conjunction
with the shift key is supposed to produce the pipe |

However, it only works when I use 'Alt Gr' in conjunction with the key on
the left of the '1' key.  This is very annoying.

Anyone know what I need to do here?  BTW, I selected all the british & UK
keymaps during the initial setup, and I'm in the CSH.

Thanks for any ideas,



PS:  The Backspace key appears to be working incorrectly too, especially
when using TCSH....!


keyboard setup?

Post by Ady » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Thanks for the ideas.

I've installed XKEYCAPS (a graphical front-end to xmodmap) and re-configured
the two keys that were causing me the hassle.

I'd recommend this software to anyone having problems with keyboard setups -
it's saved me a lot of hassle.



>You don't have some funky "xmodmap" command in your startup files
>(.profile, .kshrc, .cshrc, .login, .xinitrc, etc.) that would be
>remapping some keys in your X-Windows do you?

>>PS:  The Backspace key appears to be working incorrectly too, especially
>>when using TCSH....!

>Uh, don't be insulted here, but you do know about "stty erase", yes?
>It's going to default to being set to the delete key, but you will
>want to say (in your .profile or .login, etc.)

>stty erase ^h

>if you want to use backspace instead of delete.
>>>>already setup (not insulted!!)


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