Mach-O files

Mach-O files

Post by Mathias Lan » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

I have a problem during linking a c-Program on a NeXT-machine.
"cc myprog.c -o myfile -lribout -lm" give the message:
"libribout.a is not a Mach-O file".
What are Mach-O files, and how can I solve my problem with the library


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Hello All,
      I like some of the configuration files that are in the Caldera
Linux distribution.  I also like some of the configuration files that
Red Hat uses in there package.  What I would like to do is miss & mach.
I like the config files that Caldara used to config printers and modems
can I copy them into Red Hat and expect it to work?

Thanks in Advance

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