Cross-Platform Mail Solutions

Cross-Platform Mail Solutions

Post by Horace Bows » Fri, 18 Dec 1992 02:32:19


I've never know email could be such a big issue/problem in my freaking
life!  I know a few months ago there was a thread on which cross-platform
mail solutions are recommended.  At the time I had no use for such information.
Now I do.

We are looking for a cross-platform mail solution that works well in Unix,
Mac and PC worlds.  We would like to administer and serve the mail functions
from a Unix host with the PCs, Macs and other Unix boxes acting as clients.
Besides the usual features, we need a built-in network calendar tool,
remote (dial-in) access, single Unix server to multiple platforms, ability
to send binary files (byte-for-byte), maintenance utilities that run on Unix
host, etc., etc., etc.

We looked briefly at cc:Mail and found it not to be a viable alternative
for a variety of reasons.  I just got off the phone with the WordPerfect
people talking about their WordPerfect Office product and was not overwhelmed.

Anybody got any ideas.  Oh yeah, the most important thing is that the
system MUST run over TCP/IP on all platforms.  No localtalk stuff for Macs,



1. ANN: SourceGear provides cross-platform solutions for SourceSafe

SourceGear announces the release of SourceOffSite v3.5.1, a fast and
secure remote-access solution for users of Microsoft Visual
SourceSafe.  For use within Visual Studio, SourceOffSite offers IDE
integration with VC++, VB, VJ++, and Visual FoxPro.

1.  Convenience -- remote Internet access to your VSS database over
any TCP/IP connection.
2.  Performance -- 10-12 times faster over a VPN or RAS than VSS.
3.  Security -- data can be encrypted during transfer.  
4.  Cross-platform -- access VSS databases from Windows and UNIX
machines.  Servers are available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.  Clients
are available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Solaris 5.1 (2.5.1) or later,
and Linux 2.x.x.

Check out for more

We are also currently showing a preview of our next major product
release, code-named "Gigi."  Gigi is an open, integrated collaboration
environment for users of VSS, which is designed to make remote
software development an easier process.

Gigi includes a full array of features like version control, project
tracking tools, and dynamic team communication.  Visit to view the white paper.

We're interested in your opinions.  What functionality are you looking
for in a collaborative development tool?  Send your comments and


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