How to synchronize files across standalone machines ?

How to synchronize files across standalone machines ?

Post by Wong Sai-k » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I have HP-UX computers running across two separate networks in company
and a NeXT in home.  I work with the machines.  Is there any scripts
to do file synchronization across the mahines by means of tape/floppy
media ?  I mean I work on different machines with same directory/file
hierarchy under my A/C.  Periodically, I do a tar or cpio or something
like that from one machine to the other to update the files without
accidentally overwrite the new copy or if I made changed in both machines
then I would have chances to merge the files.

Such functionality is also necessary when I want to synchronize files
across 2 computers in dual redundancy across a network.

Thanks in advance.


Mr.Sai-Kee Wong


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We are in the process of bringing our source code under configuration
management using CaseWare/CM. We have found that a time difference in the
clocks on the configuration management machine and the host machine is
preventing the [Build] function registering changes and recompiling the changed
files.  Is there a way to synchronize the clocks periodically on all the
connected machines? (The machines in question are Sun and RS6000s)

It has been suggested that we look into timed or ntpd but I don't know what
they are let alone applicability to our problem.  

Any help would be appreciated.



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