Help: Archiving to multiple tapes

Help: Archiving to multiple tapes

Post by Cho Mo » Thu, 18 Mar 1993 08:47:51


I have about 300MB of data that I'd like to put on a couple of 150MB SUN tapes.
Is there an archiving utility (like tar) which can be used to do this?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Cho Moon

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1. Can't find multiple archives on a tar tape


 >I am having trouble reading a 8mm tape on a rs6000 under AIX 3.1.  This is a
 >tape sent to me; I don't know what system it was written on.  It supposedly
 >has 4 tar files on it but I can only find the first.
 >If I do 'tar -tvf /dev/rmt3'  I get the table of contents I expect.

Try /dev/rmt3.5 or /dev/rmt/3.7 instead of /dev/rmt3.  Altough I am
not quite sure, /dev/rmt3.5 works by 'No Rewind' and 'No Retension',
and /dev/rmt3.7 works by 'No Reiwind' and 'With Retension'.  Probably
you may need to key in tar command each time for each archive.  But I
hve never used these faciliteis.
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