Help needed on reclaiming unused IP addresses please

Help needed on reclaiming unused IP addresses please

Post by Robert Alexande » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Because of the unexpected retirement of 3 colleagues,
I have "inherited" the DNS of the domain
which comprises addresses from to

The machines used are mostly (but not all) RS6000 boxes
scattered throughout our 2000 employee locations.

As the addresses are almost all taken and there are no
obvious information on which machines or which persons own
the addresses, I am puzzled on how to clean up the mess
and try reclaiming most of the addresses which are not in
use anymore.

Are there tools/techniques to help me out (I would like to
avoid being the fourth retiree, at least for a few years).

Thank you for any input. Bob Alexander
Robert Alexander - IBM Italy
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