Automatic log out of sessions off-line

Automatic log out of sessions off-line

Post by Martín Gi » Sat, 31 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I have a Unix system with serial and tcp/ip connections.

When a user logs via tcp/ip with certain user accounts, it automatically
runs an RM-COBOL program, so the processes associated to that session are
two, one for sh, and the other for runcobol.

If that user logs out improperly (say, not going backward, but just
pressing the Disconnect button in the Tiny term session), both processes
remain running, associated to the particular tcp/ip session (ttyp5, for
example), but not listed in the who command.

My problem is that those processes significantly slow down the Unix
server, the question is:

How can I do to automatically logs out that "lost" sessions, 30 minutes
after no activity? I've tried with the idleout but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance

Martn Gil


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I'm interested in any experiences/advice regarding true un-interruptible
power for systems.  We would like some sure means of keeping our 3.2v4.2
server and modems running for at least several hours in the event of a
local service outage.  We are currently running on an APC SmartUPS-900,
which really only provides about 30-min battery time (configured for
20-minute shutdown).

While our power here is choppy at times (local industry, I presume), we
haven't experienced any downtime (at least since moving here in July '95).
 Our system is critical, though, and overnight processing of store data is
crucial to our operation.



Scot Harkins (KA5KDU) | Systems Administrator, Thurman Ind, Bothell, WA
Renton, WA            | Native Texan.  Proud daddy and husband!

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