Looking for installation management package

Looking for installation management package

Post by Chris Fletch » Fri, 27 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Maybe you can help me...

A couple of weeks back I found a web site describing a package
management & installation package. My impression was that it is a
cross platform version of, say, Sun's package tools. It would manage
different versions of a package on different platforms and would check
filename clashes between packages.

From what I remember it was written and maintained by a University,
but I now cannot find it.

If you recognise this description please let me know what it is called
and where I can find it ;-)




1. Looking for package/software/environment management

In our lab (mostly Suns) we have several CADs/software packages
that need special setup before they can be used.
To use these packages one must:
- add their bin directories in the search path
- add their manual pages in MANPATH
- set some environment variables
- set LD_LIBRARY_PATH  to the proper libraries (some needs OpenWindows
  others need X11R5/R6)

- Putting all the packages bin directories in the user's PATH
  doesn't work because it is too long (usually we get warning something
  like "path is ridiculously too long... truncated.)
  Furthermore, some of the tools have utilities with the same name.
- Setting the proper order or LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a pain.
- During upgrade of a package we may have two versions of the package
  in different directories. It is difficult to switch back and forth
  between them.

Is there a software/package management that can be used to solve
this problem?
What we have done right now is create a file which is sourced by the user
(either in their .login or in their .cshrc, etc.), but it still does
not solve the problem I mentioned above.

I don't want to quit from my windowing environment (OpenWindows,X11R6,
or vue), source a script  (I am using csh/tcsh), and restart X
just to run different packages.

Any tips?

-- budi

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