Setting sendmail "From:" field on a per user basis?

Setting sendmail "From:" field on a per user basis?

Post by Rob Browni » Tue, 30 May 1995 04:00:00

I hope this is a reasonable question for this newsgroup.

I've been looking over the sendmail docs, the TCP/IP Network
Admin book, and others, and I can't quite seem to come up with
a good solution for my problem, but it seems like it might
be common enough so that others have had to deal with it.

I connect to the University here via a ppp link, and I'm
assigned a dynamic address.  I'm running a BSD 4.3 unix on
my side, and I want users on my system to be able to use
news and mail.  The problem is that a user (including myself)
will not want replies to their mail to be sent to my
machine since it's address changes every time I connect.

For example, when I connect, my machine will be assigned
something like, but I want my mail
to look like it came from, and another user
needs their mail to look like it came from

I have heard of the Reply-To: header, but do all other
programs respect that?  Also, if I fix sendmail, what happens
to programs like GNUS, it will still use `gethostbyname`
won't it?  I know that GNUS also has a variable to set
Reply-To, but I was hoping for some kind of systemwide

Anyway, is there any standard way of handling this problem?

Also, is there a program that will use POP or IMAP to
retrieve mail from a server and deposit it in a user's
account (mailbox file)?

Thanks, and if there's a FAQ for this, or somewhere else
I should be looking, please let me know.



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I do currently have an MX resource record in my DNS that sets the linux01
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thanks in advance

Charles Wilkins

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