Backgrounding shell scripts

Backgrounding shell scripts

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Normally stdin is either undefined or fed from /dev/null in a cron job.
This means that when your backup program prompts for tape 2, it will
probably nuke and die.

What I can't understand is why you feel the need to make it a cron process.
It won't finish automatically anyway; you'll have to deal with tape 2 when
you come in in the morning. You have a number of virtual consoles available
on your system console (at least with SCO - not sure about others).

Quote:> Okay, here goes. I would like to start my backups via cron around 4:00am.
> This is no big deal, but the problem is that my backups will request more
> than one tape. Obviously, if I start my processes in the foreground (from
> command line), when the next EOT is reached and another tape is
requested, I
> get a nice message stating to insert another tape and hit Enter.

> If this same process is started in the background, lets say by cron, I
> never see the message asking for another tape - unless I look at my log
> But even still, I can change tapes and hot Enter until I'm blue in the
> but the backup will just hang.

> Is there a way to start this backup process via cron, but then somehow
> the proccess into the foreground so that user input will be recongnized?

> Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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This isnt the solution you asked for, but you might try getting the sources
for 'ison' at  Its a utility to
automatically poll the address you specify to see if they are logged in or
not.  The delay is configurable, and it automatically kills itself.


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