Installation - Best Apps

Installation - Best Apps

Post by 25381-fiel » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 05:58:26

Is there an application or a software company that you think has a particularly
nice or smart installation process for their Unix software?  I am
conducting a survey of products that are especially easy to install or
especially intelligent about making sure their installation is successful
and friendly.

Please email.  I will email a summary to anyone who requests it.

Derek Fields


1. Best Linux apps in these categories...

Hey there. I'm trying to get a feel for Linux's usefulness across the
board, and I was wondering if folks could help me fill in this list. I've
got several categories of software here -- drop in and write in your
favorite or most highly-lauded piece of Linux software that fits the
category. Also let me know where the software can be found, if possible.

Please also cc me by mail -- I post to this group, but not often.


Word processing / rich-text editing (TeX or not, preferably TeX, under X)

Mail clients (under X)

NNTP readers (under X)

Web servers

Financial applications

Graphics editing and touch-up


Also, how well does Linux do with scanners? I've been trying to find
material on this but so far nothing...

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