NIS problem

NIS problem

Post by Zhihui (Jo » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone ever seen this error message ?

host1:/etc/yp# make
1831-504 Cycle detected in /etc/netgroup: .
1831-504 Cycle detected in /etc/netgroup: .
updated netgroup

pushed netgroup
updated netid

pushed netid

Any idea how to fix this ?

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1. NIS+ problems. NIS transition kit better ?

The subject says it all. I have enough of this buggy NIS+
code. This morning, it cleared my aliases table when I added
an entry ! Now I cannot modify anything. It says "perm. denied"
even if it worked yesterday.

I'm sure even the developpers are affraid to look into their
source files.

Now did you get better experience with the NIS transition kit
for Solaris 2.x ? I have heard a new version shoule be out soon.

Is it more stable than NIS ?

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