Diskless Indigo2

Diskless Indigo2

Post by Kyle Key » Tue, 25 Sep 2001 10:55:33

I have stumbled into an Indigo2 running IRIX 6.5.  The disk is shotty
so, I copied evrything to a blank drive via NFS onto my AlphaLinux
machine.  I was trying to reowrk everything so I could just use the hard
disk install as a diskless setup.  Is this possible?  So far, I've
managed to get bootp and tftp to download and load the kernel.  The
Indigo then successfully requests the shares

I restructured the filesystem so that I have a main directory
"hostname"  and under this I have root, swap, sbin, usr, and the share
directory from under what use to be /var on the local disk.  These are
shared independently via NFS and the indigo is directed to them via
bootparamd.  After all this is done I get the following message:

PC: 0x88210d7c ep: 0x885f4bf8
EXC code:20, `Write Address Error '
Bad addr: 0x1b, cause: 0x14<CE=-2010193168
[Press reset to restart the machine.]

If anybody knows how to proceed from here, if this is even possible, I'd
appreciate the hints.


Kyle Keys


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