What's greatest possible distance between NFS server and client?

What's greatest possible distance between NFS server and client?

Post by Kevin B. Weinri » Sat, 01 May 1993 00:34:06

How far have you successfully maintained an NFS-mount of a directory
hierarchy from one machine to another over the Internet?  I thought I heard
rumors of somebody mounting an American disk in England, or some such.

What is the lag-time between packets when you begin to have problems with
such a thing?  Would there be a difference between PC-NFS and NFS on a UNIX

How slow a connection is the slowest someone has maintained an NFS link for
long periods (e.g., 8am - 5pm)?  Won't NFS re-connect itself if it looses
connection for a while?

Thanks for your experiences.
Kevin Weinrich     Computer Sciences Corp.


What's greatest possible distance between NFS server and client?

Post by Andy Bolt » Sat, 08 May 1993 18:48:55

I've mounted a disk in Palo Alto across our portion of the internet (firewalled)
without too many problems. It is VERY SLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW ! Also Sun apps such
as File Manager get a bit upset with the delay, but it is usable. It will
automatically reconnect when the net is slow.



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