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Good day,

   As one of you suggested already, there should be a "comp.lang.awk"
newsgroup instead of the present "alt" newsgroup. I am willing to
start building a mailing list if enough people are interested. If we have
enough success, we might be able to develop it into a newsgroup.

                                          Let me know if you are interested...


1. FAQ: comp.lang.awk: pointer

Archive-name: computer-lang/awk/pointer
Comp-lang-awk-archive-name: pointer
Posting-Frequency: weekly

Frequently Asked Questions == FAQ

comp.lang.awk is about the use of Awk on ALL computer platforms.

The comp.lang.awk FAQ list is posted frequently, with a long expiry time.
This article's References: header points to it.  Some sites on the World
Wide Web archive all Usenet posts, and should be able to find it for you.

Also, it is available from news.answers archives.

quoting the news.answers FAQ:

                    Where are *.answers archived?

  All of the *.answers newsgroups are archived in the periodic posting
archive on [].  Postings are located in the
anonymous ftp directories /pub/usenet/alt.answers,
/pub/usenet/comp.answers, etc., and are archived by "Archive-name".
Other subdirectories of /pub/usenet contain periodic postings that may
not appear in *.answers (as well as most of the *.answers postings),
saved by Subject line rather than by Archive-name.

  If you do not have anonymous ftp access, you can access the archives
by mail server as well.  Send an E-mail message to

separate lines for more information.

The FAQ list for comp.lang.awk is located on at



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