Timing analysis program?

Timing analysis program?

Post by p.. » Sun, 08 May 1994 05:06:45

I'm looking for an alternative to the UNIX prof program.
 I have a large program, very slow, and I need a program for
SUN 4.1.3 that will help me analysis/profile it for bottlenecks. The source
is in C and runs under Openwindows.



1. Response time analysis

I'm running Netscape Enterprise 3.5 on Solaris 2.6. I have been
collecting performance data with a couple of perl scripts i wrote (using
SSLeay, libwww modules)

Internally, i get 70% of the responses within 0-50 millisecond range.
But the remaining 30% consistently appears at the 4.5-5 second line
bringing the overall performance average upto 2.05 seconds. (the
analysis was made on 1200 data points)

When I make the measurements on a test machine with exactly the same
hardware, software and connections (but with no traffic on it) I do not
get the 5 second line. (100% of the responses are within 0-50 ms range)

I used different methods to measure it, and the results are the same.
Any ideas about why this is happening?


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