Any sucessful SCO NIS sites?

Any sucessful SCO NIS sites?

Post by Jay Eppers » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 00:29:39

We've been struggling to create a Network Information Services administered
environment on multi-user SCO Unix platforms.  At least one of the following
seems to be pretty bad:  a) the software; b) the documentation;
c) my skill set.

Since c) has stood me in good stead lo these many operating systems, I tend
to suspect one of the other two.  We see multiple types of ypxfr failures,
behaviors quite different from the doc, responses from SCO Support that
differ from both the doc and the software behaviors, and some really
bizarre results from users attempting to change passwords (like changing
every password in the password databases to "x", so no one can log in; also
a ":::::" entry sometimes at the top of /etc/passwd, which makes system
startup routines think there's no root entry).  

We expected to be able to give our users more flexibility as well as
save time on multi-server administration after setting up this product,
but in our implementation we have found it to be so erratic and unreliable
that we spend far more time troubleshooting problems that we ever would
on redundant systems administration.  SCO support has not been of much help,
and we're about to abandon the product unless we can determine that we're
doing something wrong and correct it.

Has anyone out there actually made this stuff work in a reasonably busy
multi-platform, multi-user environment, particularly with multiple NIS
domains?  Are there deep dark secrets I need to know?


W.C. Epperson
Senior S.E.
Va. Dept. of Education

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