Mod ReWrite question from a Newbie...

Mod ReWrite question from a Newbie...

Post by ncognit » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Guess you'd need the email address huh?




1. Mod Rewrite question from a Newbie....

I am trying to find out if Mod Rewrite will help me allow access to a
directory from one particular PAGE only, not a certain domain or directory.
I want to restrict access to downloadable zip files which I have for sale.
When someone leaves the billing companies server, they will be sent to page
#1. Once they are at page #1, they will enter a redemption code, which when
validated, will automatically start the zip file download. I need to
restrict access to the directory containing the zip file to only people
coming from the redemption code page (which uses a CGI script to check the
validity of the code).

Will Mod Rewrite help me with this? If not, any other ideas?

Thank you for your time! I rarely check this newsgroup so I would appreciate
it if you could respond to me directly via email.



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