ANNOUNCE: Web Tracker 2.0 Now Available

ANNOUNCE: Web Tracker 2.0 Now Available

Post by Peter Phaa » Tue, 10 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Web Tracker 2.0 Now Available

Web Tracker is a web server logfile analyzer. It differs from
reporting tools by supporting interactive drill-down and
exploration of access patterns.

A free evaluation copy can be downloaded from our web site:

Version 2.0 adds a number of significant features:
1. Support for Microsoft IIS, Agent and Referrer Logfiles.
2. Support for WHO IS protocol to find out details
   (company, address, contact name, phone number etc)
   about the organization reponsible for a given domain or
   IP address.
3. "Snapshot Reports" documenting analysis results and conclusions.
4. Scheduled reports.
5. FTP/HTTP downloading of log files.
Peter Phaal
Cambridge Quality Management, Inc.


1. ANNOUNCE: Free Web Tracker Evaluation Now Available

A free 7 day evaluation version of Web Tracker is now available from

Web Tracker is a graphical, interactive web server log file analyzer.
It uses statistical sampling to handle very large sites. It features
rapid-drill down, geographical data presentation, and sophisticated
Peter Phaal
Cambridge Quality Management, Inc.

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