Please HELP with request_rec struct of Apache API

Please HELP with request_rec struct of Apache API

Post by Bruno Boettch » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00


i already posted that question but with no response since now :-(

the problem i have is the following:
i am modificating the counter module of the apache server, to make it
handle explicit and implicit adresses the same way ( directory/ and

In the module i parse the request_rec->uri string for the ending '/' and
repaces it with '/index.html'. Concerning the counting this works, but now
the url that appears in my browser is quite strange: a slash is appended to
the index.html i appended, making thus further relative referencing
impossible, and more annoying the page doesn't show the value of the
counter, despite the fact that the counter registrated a hit...

So somewhere in that struct is stored the state of that URL, where is it,
how can i stop automatic name expansion? I hope that when the URL is
recognized as normal page (explicit naming) then the value of the counter
will be passed to the page...




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I am beginning to wonder if I could add some extra per-request data to the
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particular module. Could someone please point me towards the the right bit
of doumentation or FAQ.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Ritson

PHONE: +44 191 222 8175            Department of Computing Science,
FAX  : +44 191 222 8232            University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
ROOM : 618 "The Mill"              United Kingdom NE1 7RU.

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