Apache 1.3b6 Proxy: Remote Proxy Authorization

Apache 1.3b6 Proxy: Remote Proxy Authorization

Post by Reinhard E. Voglmaie » Fri, 01 May 1998 04:00:00


I was using Apache 1.2.6 as Proxy pointing to our Proxy at the firewall.
This to avoid configuration problems on about 1000 PCs if the Proxy
Adress changes.
Our "firewall-proxy" does authentication using User-Id and Password ti
give Internet Access to our authorized users. So if the users contacts
www.oracle.com he contacts the local proxy, the local proxy forwards
everything to the firewall-proxy and this asks the authorization and
everything goes back and forth again.
With Apache 1.3b6 this does not work any more. Apache ( the local proxy
) does contact the firewall-proxy, this asks user-id/password, but get's
the response Authorization Failed.
Someone knows what's going on ?

Thanx a lot



1. Apache 1.3b6 proxy configuration


I've got Apache 1.3b6 running on a Solaris 2.5.1 system, set up as a
server (only - the server does NOT contain any local documents).

What I need to do is single-proxy some requests, and double-proxy the
rest (i.e. send them off to an external proxy server).

I have this working fine with the ProxyRemote directive combined with
a NoProxy directive (which lists the systems I want single-proxied

However, the list I have in the NoProxy directive is quite long. It
be VERY short if I could set it up so that I can NoProxy a domain, and
then REALLY Proxy a single site within that domain... i.e.:

ProxyRemote * http://foo.bar.com:8080
NoProxy .bar.com .blat.com
REALLYProxy c.blat.com

Instead, I have to do something like this:

ProxyRemote * http://foo.bar.com:8080
NoProxy .bar.com a.blat.com b.blat.com d.blat.com e.blat.com f.blat.com
... etc

(note no 'c.blat.com' because I HAVE to pass that one on to the next
proxy server).

I have about 30 hosts listed in the NoProxy directive, where I could get
by with
a single domain (.blat.com) if only I could ALSO direct the server to
double-proxy 'c.blat.com'.

Listing IP addresses in the NoProxy directive doesn't really help, as
the systems
are on many different networks.

Any suggestions?


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