Apache RLimitNPROC in virtual hosts does not work

Apache RLimitNPROC in virtual hosts does not work

Post by Tim Trave » Wed, 09 Jun 1999 04:00:00

 Hi All,

I have an apache server with quite a few name based virtual host
entries. The virtual hosts are able to execute cgi scripts, and I wish
to use the RLimitNPROC to limit the number they can have running at a
single time.

The script runs setuid root (I know about the security implications, but
it is a wrapper, and needs to run as root). It starts and then changes
itself to the appropriate userID and continues to completion.

The server is not running as root, or the userID.

The virtual host configuration I have looks like this :

ServerName domain.com
DocumentRoot /Interfaces/path/Server/Documents
<Directory /Interfaces/path/Server/Documents>
        AllowOverride All
RLimitNPROC 4 8

The normal web server works as it should, but it just doesn't appear
that the rlimit is preventing too many scripts from that user to run.

Do I need to compile anything special into apache ?

I am running 1.3.6, and any help would be appreciated.


Tim Traver

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