Help needed with Netscape proxy server/browser

Help needed with Netscape proxy server/browser

Post by Gil Chama » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00


We are evaluating the proxy server from Netscape and the browser is
not able to connect to external sites.  Internally works fine. We do have
the rMosaic proxy working using HTTP server. Is there anything that needs
to be done on the server or the client which makes this functional?

The server is installed on SUN workstation running 4.1.4.  Any
pointer/contacts/clues are appreciated.




1. Non Netscape Proxy between Netscape Commerce Server & Netscape Browser

When trying to access we received the following
error within Netscape:

Error 400
Invalid request "CONNECT HTTP/1.0" (unknown method)

When accessing the page through Mosaic we get the page without any errors!

Looking further into this, we realized that the http site was using a Netsite-Commerce/1.0 server.  Another note is internally we access the outside
world using a proxy server(CERN). On further investigation, we realized
that our environment variable in Netscape, Security Proxy, was set to our
proxy server.  Yet our proxy server (CERN) does not offer any of the
security methods.

How can we enable the CERN Proxy server to be able to pass through Netscapes security queries?  Any information would be helpful!


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