Can I use a type-maps with JSP:s in Apache 1.3.27?

Can I use a type-maps with JSP:s in Apache 1.3.27?

Post by Dennis Lundber » Fri, 11 Oct 2002 17:56:22


In a given directory (say ${DOCUMENTROOT}/test/) I want the user to
"get" a JSP-page if the browsers prefered language is Swedish and an
ordinare html-page if the prefered language is English. Does anyone know
if this is possible?

I have the following files:
* index.html.var
* index.html.en

The var-file looks like this:
URI: index.html.en
Content-language: en
Content-type: text/html

Content-language: sv
Content-type: text/html

Tomcat 4.0.5 is installed and working. It correctly handles other JSP:s.

Dennis Lundberg


1. Apache 1.3.27 internal server error by unknown mime type

Apache 1.3.27 (also confirmed in 1.3.22, but it is obsolete in these
Tru64Unix 5.1a

pointing browser to the URL which leads to the file with no extension
(suffix) in the name or with the extension not listed in mime.types
file results in the "internal server error" message. Renaming the same
file to the one with known extension works fine. The value of
"DefaultType" has no effect on this.
No relevant entry in error_log, only the line with code 500 in

STRANGE: this problem concerns only some binary files, not all -
gzipping the file has no effect, but inserting a few bytes at the
beginning of the file leads to proper handling of ot (but the contents
is then dmaged, of course).

Is this a known bug or configuration issue ?


not working:
working well:

Thanks for any possible comments,

David Komanek

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