cern-httpd 3.0-6 proxy server post problem

cern-httpd 3.0-6 proxy server post problem

Post by Mr A Monsalve-Salaz » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00


When I send a POST resquest to the proxy server it sends me back
a 403 message. I don't have a problem sending GET requests to the
proxy server.

When I post any form via my cern-httpd 3.0-6 proxy server I get
the following response:

   Error 403
   Forbidden - access to file is never allowed [no ACL file]
   CERN httpd 3.0

In the log files I find lines like the next ones:

   tail -1 /var/log/cern-httpd.log:

       [30/Sep/1996:20:52:21 -1000]
       "POST HTTP/1.0"
       403 219

   tail -1 /var/log/cern-httpd-error.log:

       [30/Sep/1996:20:52:21 -1000] [NO ACL FILE]
       [host: referer:]

Can someone help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance.



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Thanks alot!!


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