How to optimize Apache for slow connection?

How to optimize Apache for slow connection?

Post by Paul Sutto » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00

>I'm running a special interest site behind a 33.6 modem, <300hosts,
><10,000 page hits/day. Apache 1.1.1, Redhat 4.0, i486

Upgrade to 1.2.4. It is much more efficient that Apache 1.1.1. But 10,000
hits per day is low, so I don't think you are limited by Apache.
However if you do want to tune your server....

Quote:>1)Redhat configured Apache with HostNameLookups on.  If I turn them off
>will this improve response significantly?  I can use my stats program to
>look up names if I need to.  Does Apache cache looked-up names or
>anything clever?

Apache doesn't cache them. Your resolver should. But turn it off
for better performance.

Quote:>2)I have Referer and Agent logs on.  Will disabling them result in
>improved response times?  To disable them should I recompile without
>these modules, remove the directive from the .conf file, or send them to

Anything that reduces your server executable image size and
amount of processing per-request will improve your overall
performance on a heavy site. So take them out. When you've gone
to 1.2.4, use CustomLog instead to log this info.

Quote:>3)Is there anything else I can do to improve response? (My ISDN is

Remove all unnecessary modules. Make sure all your files are located
locally (no NFS). Use AllowOverride None to stop checking for .htaccess

Quote:>4)I currently make fairly extensive use of server-side includes.  Is
>there any metric to determine how much these degrade performance?  Should
>they be avoided?

They will slow your server down. Only you can compare whether that
slowdown is offset by the convenience of SSI. If you are merely
including other files (e.g. static footers), then consider
preparing static HTML files instead (this is easy in perl, etc).
or use a site preparation system such as Website Meta Language
( But for 10,000 hits/day
I wouldn't worry at all about SSI.

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1. How to Optimize Apache for Slow Connection?

I'm running Apache 1.1.1 on Redhat 4.0 behind a 33.6 modem.  This is a
special interest site with <300 hosts, <10,000 pages hits /day.

1) RedHat ships Apache with HostNameLookups on.  Will it improve things
if this is turned off?  I can still have my statistics program lookup
names if a need a domain name report.

2) My current configuration has referer and agent logs being output.  I
am not sure why or what use they are.  If I should disable this must I
recompile, omit the directive in the .conf file, or send to /dev/null?

3) Anything else I can do?

4) This is a Linux question but how can I determine my modem connect
speed?  There is nothing in /var/log/messages about connect speed.

Thanks is advance
Bill Dolson

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