Apache 1.2 and frontpage

Apache 1.2 and frontpage

Post by bojo.. » Thu, 25 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have loaded frontpage97 extensions on my Sparc running Solaris 2.5
I use Apache 1.2.

I can get frontpage to see my root web, however per user webs don't

I have seen some success stories on the newgroup but no Specifics.

I have heard that you need to be fussy about file ownership and that
the  fp_install.sh had to be patched.

Can anyone give me the*details of the fixes required to get the per
user webs working with Apache.



1. Apache: mod_servlet for Apache 1.2?


Recently I installed the Java Servlet Development Kit and noticed that

it contained a module to run servlets with the Apache web server.
Unfortunately, it only conforms to the 1.1 API and doesn't compile
under the 1.2 version.

As far as I remember, some days ago someone mentioned  that a patch
for this module existed to make it run under Apache 1.2. Does anybody
know where to get it from? I looked at dejanews but couldn't find the
posting anymore :-(



Jrgen Albertsen

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