POST errors with AOL clients

POST errors with AOL clients

Post by Rick LeMa » Sat, 21 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Some AOL accesses to our web site, are getting

        ERROR 500: This server is not configured to handle POST

when accessing generated pages for our reservation system interface.  The
confusing thing is that other AOL users have no problem at all.

We've had -vv on for several days and analysis has shown the only common
denominator is:

        Client sez.. POST /embassydocs/tmp/bky14278.html HTTP/1.0


        Client sez.. GET /embassydocs/tmp/bky14278.html HTTP/1.0

The POST fails and GET succeeds.  Has anyone else experienced this?
We're running CERN 3.0 configured for both GET and POST with multi-homing.


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for OT but what's up?

Dieter Ntzel
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University of Hamburg

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