cgi stderr output goes to log, right?

cgi stderr output goes to log, right?

Post by Gary Sh » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi -- I suspect this is a dumb question, but here goes:  Does
NetScape log the stderr output of a cgi script to the 'errors'
file, i.e., the log file?  I know that NCSA does; I presume that
Spinner and Apache do as my code works under them.

Just ported some stuff to the NS Commu. server and whenever I
do any output to stderr from the cgi script, the server seems
to interpret it as html and generates an error.  I think.

Comments?  Please cc me as I don't usually read this list...
Salt Lake City, Utah


1. Apache 2.0.42 doesn't send CGI stderr output to VirtualHost's ErrorLog

Subject says it all really - I just built Apache 2.0.42 on Red Hat Linux 7.2
and had both a global ErrorLog directive and one inside a <VirtualHost>
that pointed to a different error_log file than the global one.

When running a CGI script from the VirtualHost'ed domain, any stderr output
*should* go to the ErrorLog specified inside the <VirtualHost>. It doesn't -
it incorrectly goes to the global ErrorLog directive's error_log file.
Apache 1.3.X behaves correctly and does send its stderr output to the
<VirtualHost>'ed error_log file. This appears to be a 2.0.42 bug, because
the Apache 2.0 docs confirm that it should be the 1.3.X behaviour I should
be seeing.

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