Try Me!

Try Me!

Post by Kris Jacob » Wed, 09 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hello net world are you a beer drinker or maybe a home brewer than this web page is for you! My web page is dedicated to home brewing and beer on the net! If this interests you than go to Jake's Home (brew) Page it is located at  

 I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Kris Jacobs
Jake's Home (brew) Page
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I have an almost all NT network, and a lot of problems with the JET
Database Engine on the server that was providing (MS) DHCP, and is
currently providing name resolution, via WINS.  I have moved the DHCP
function to a RH Linux Box, and now would like to move name resolution.
My ultimate goal is to host our DNS, but the current domain name
(domain_name) won't work under DNS.  This leaves me with the option of
finding a NetBIOS nameserver option.  After a little research, I found
that SAMBA could do this, but I'm having trouble getting it setup.  At
any rate, anyone using a Linux box, running SAMBA (or anything else) to
take the place of MS WINS, any assistance that you could provide would
be greatly appreciated.

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