need help getting JServ up with Apache http server -- failure to connect to port 8007

need help getting JServ up with Apache http server -- failure to connect to port 8007

Post by bett » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hello -- I got the apache http server installed (from binary distribution)
on a Solaris system.  I got the JServ built, and installed, I think, running
via DSO.
Now, when I try to access the Hello test servlet, it does not work and the
mod_jserv.log shows the following:
[18/11/1999 13:04:55:996] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: can not connect to host
[18/11/1999 13:04:56:000] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: connection fail
[18/11/1999 13:04:56:001] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via
protocol "ajpv12"
[18/11/1999 13:05:24:462] (ERROR) wrapper: printing debugging information
(command line, env)
[18/11/1999 13:05:24:466] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 0]
[18/11/1999 13:05:24:467] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 1]
[18/11/1999 13:05:24:468] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 2]
[18/11/1999 13:05:24:469] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 0]
[18/11/1999 13:05:24:470] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 1]
[18/11/1999 13:10:16:471] (ERROR) wrapper: printing debugging information
(command line, env)
[18/11/1999 13:10:16:473] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 0]
[18/11/1999 13:10:16:473] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 1]
[18/11/1999 13:10:16:475] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 2]
[18/11/1999 13:10:16:475] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 0]
[18/11/1999 13:10:16:476] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 1]

There is nothing listening on 8007.  What should be listening on 8007?  Did
I miss something in the configuration?     Has anyone seen this before?



1. jserv: ajp12 not connecting to port 8007


I have a problem which is really bugging me. I have apache-1.3.9-4
installed with ApacheJServ-1.1-b2_RH6x. Irrespective of what I try I
cannot make any servlets work - even the "IsItWorking" servlet does not
run. I always get the error:

(EMERGENCY) ajp12: can not connect to host

I tried the installation on two different machines. The same error
occurs. Both machines run RedHat 6.1 and are otherwise fine. Rpms used
check out OK with rpm signature. I do not change any configuration file
before I try to run "IsItWorking".

Ports are not intrinsically blocked as I also run jsdk2.1 with servlets
on port 8080 and that works fine. But trying any other ports (eg 7007 or
10080) with apache does not work either. It must have something to do
with apache and Jserv and permissions of some sort.

If I install a later version of apache and Jserv: apache-1.3.12-12mdk
with ApacheJServ-1.1-4, I get another error when I try to run
IsitWorking, namely
"Document contains no data".

I have re-installed about 6 times now on two machines, have looked at
all configuration files, changed the port servlets connect to, entered
the port number explicitly in the services file - I have tried
everything I can think of.  This is driving me totally mad. Please

Any help much appreciated.



Dr Hugo Bouckaert - Systems Administrator, Computer Science UWA
Tel: +(61 8) 9380 2878 / Fax: +(61 8) 9380 1089

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