Netscape: specifying multiple groups using auth-group

Netscape: specifying multiple groups using auth-group

Post by Kevin Reddin » Tue, 25 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Netscape Communications Server 1.2 running on a Solaris 2.4

Has anybody had any success authorizing multiple "groups" with
the auth-user parameter in the AuthReq directive?  The
documentation says that the auth-user parameter is used to
authorize a list of groups, but it doesn't give the format for
more than one group.  I tried the same format as auth-user,
"(group1|group2|group3)" but that did not work.  I tried
comma seperated lists, space seperated lists, etc.  Nothing
worked.  Netscape Tech Support is trying to find and answer, but
has come up empty so far.

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Netscape Enterprise 2.0:

I'm writing a custom function to translate a user's id and password into
a set of groups which will be used to restrict access to directories on
the server via a PathCheck directive on obj.conf. I put the user's grop
in the req->vars block.

Since user's can be members of multiple groups, do I string the groups
together like I would user ids (delimited by |) or do put multiple
auth-group entries in the req->vars block and have multiple PathCheck


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