YQ¨ CERN httpd proxy : can't find in cache - goes to another proxy

YQ¨ CERN httpd proxy : can't find in cache - goes to another proxy

Post by Sergei Lv » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi! I reccently installed CERN HTTPD Proxy on SunOS Machine (if this
matters) and I've got the following problem:
I wanted proxy server to use another proxy server unless MY server
doesn't find requested data in cache, so I enabled
http_proxy http://wwwproxy.whatever
no_proxy .mydomain
in httpd.conf. But it seems to me, that MY server doesn't search data in
cache, but forwards the request to "another proxy". The weird thing is
that it caches everything (I checked cache/http/ ) directory, but doesn't
use it!
So....tell me what I have done wrong (or that I am trying to do something
Thanks in advance, Sergei Lvov
P.S. Please forward the answer to me directly.
P.P.S. I included my httpd.conf

#       Sample configuration file for cern_httpd for running it
#       as a proxy server WITH caching.
# See:
#       <http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Daemon/User/Config/Overview.html>
# for more information.
# Written by:


#       Set this to point to the directory where you unpacked this
#       distribution, or wherever you want httpd to have its "home"
ServerRoot      /vol/www/

#       Set the port for proxy to listen to
Port    8080

#       General setup; on some systems, like HP, nobody is defined so
#       that setuid() fails; in those cases use a different user id.
UserId  nobody
GroupId nogroup

#       Logging; if you want logging uncomment these lines and specify
#       locations for your access and error logs
AccessLog       logs/proxy-log
ErrorLog        logs/proxy-errors
LogFormat       Common
LogTime         LocalTime

#       Proxy protections; if you want only certain domains to use
#       your proxy, uncomment these lines and specify the Mask
#       with hostname templates or IP number templates:
# Protection PROXY-PROT {
#       ServerId        YourProxyName

# }
# Protect  *  PROXY-PROT

#       Pass the URLs that this proxy is willing to forward.
Pass    http:*
Pass    ftp:*
Pass    gopher:*
Pass    wais:*

#       Enable caching, specify cache root directory, and cache size
#       in megabytes
Caching         On
CacheRoot       /vol/www/cache
CacheSize       30

#       Specify absolute maximum for caching time
CacheClean      *       2 months

#       Specify the maximum time to be unused
CacheUnused     http:*          2 weeks
CacheUnused     ftp:*           1 week
CacheUnused     gopher:*        1 week

#       Specify default expiry times for ftp and gopher;
#       NEVER specify it for HTTP, otherwise documents generated by
#       scripts get cached which is usually a bad thing.
CacheDefaultExpiry      ftp:*           10 days
CacheDefaultExpiry      gopher:*        2 days

#       Garbage collection controls; daily garbage collection at 3am;
Gc              On
GcDailyGc       3:00

# Everything outside Israel passed to MACHBA proxy
http_proxy      http://wwwproxy.ac.il/
ftp_proxy       http://wwwproxy.ac.il/
gopher_proxy    http://wwwproxy.ac.il/
wais_proxy      http://wwwproxy.ac.il/
no_proxy        .il

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