Newbie Question: Apache + PHP3 + Sybase CT-LIB

Newbie Question: Apache + PHP3 + Sybase CT-LIB

Post by Bob Sienkiewic » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Pardon, please, what's probably a dumb question...  I've had some experience
with old SunOS and current HP-UX, now installing a Linux box with the most
current version from RedHat, and the most current versions of Apache and
PHP3.  I want to connect to a SQLServer database currently residing on a
WinNT box (I know, I know...)  PHP's website indicates that this can be done
with the Sybase CT-LIB, and they very conveniently provide these
libraries -- but no documention.  And Sybase provided it unsupported, too...

So...  I can make and install and run Apache, and the same with PHP3, but it
all fails when I try to include the CT-LIB.  Browsing through the web and
dejanews, I've found scatterred references and dead-end trails, but no real
help.  :-(

Has anyone done this, and would you like to share your solution?

Thanks everso,
Bob Sienkiewicz


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